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            NWAFU Participated in the Higher Education Exhibition in France, Holland and Belgium Organized by the Ministry of Education

            Author: Guo Jiandong  Date:2019-11-30     Read:

              From November 17th to 27th, Xu Yangfu, deputy secretary of NWAFU Party Committee, led a team to attend the China Higher Education Exhibitions in France, Holland and Belgium sponsored by the China Education International Exchange Association of the Ministry of Education.

              This educational exhibition aims to provide high-quality platforms for universities and research institutions in the three countries, promote their understanding of higher education in China, attract more students to study in China, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities and other educational institutions in the three countries. A total of 23 colleges and universities across the country participated in the exhibition.

              Minister Counselor Yang Jin of Education Department of the Embassy in France visited NWAFU booth

              The delegation has successively participated in the exhibition of French study abroad of China's higher education, the China-Netherlands higher education seminar, the European “Going Abroad” education exhibition, visited Paris Polytechnic University, Amsterdam Free University, the Netherlands Higher Education International Exchange Conference, Brussels Free University and Mission to the European Union, and visited the French Mitterrand library.During the exhibition, NWAFU delegation introduced the university's development history, running characteristics, discipline characteristics, foreign exchange and cooperation, international student work, as well as talent policies and job requirements, and attracted university representatives, guests, students and parents from the host country to participate in consultation and exchanges and expanded our university's overseas influence.During the exhibition, Mr.Yang Jin, minister counselor of the Education Department of the Embassy in France, Mr. Luo Ping, counselor of the Education Department of the Embassy in Holland, and Mr. Zheng Baoguo, counselor of the Education Department of the Embassy in Belgium visited the exhibition booth of NWAFU to guide and visit the participants.

              Many European students consulted in the NWAFU booth

              Che Weimin, Public Counselor of the Education and Culture Division of the Mission to the EU, briefed the delegation

              Translated by: Ruan Shuling

              Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong

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